Mass Killers: How You Can Identify, Workplace, School, or Public Killers Before They Strike

Mass Killers erupt from the shadows and inflict carnage on innocent people attending, work, school or public events. The warning signs of these murderers' intentions are often bling like neon billboards and are often overlooked. This book examines the behavioral mindset of these assassins and will assist those seeking knowledge of how to stop these killers from murdering innocent people and the resulting psychological trauma associated from these horrific events. 

"Mike Roche is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors." A former police officer and SWAT member wrote, "I have a strong appreciation for Mike's experience. In this book, he outlines clear indicators of potential problems in mass shootings/active shooter scenarios. Every teacher, School Resource Officer, school administrator, manager, Human Resources professional and especially parents should read this book. Mass killings are a modern problem, and Mike's book is a thorough guide to help you prepare for and possibly prevent these terrible incidents. Outstanding work by one of the best!"