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The Flaring and Crinkling Nose of Body Language

If you see someone flaring their nose like a bull getting ready to charge the matador, you might want to find an excuse to leave the room. This behavior is never a good sign. What else does the nose tell … Continue reading

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Liar Liar! Deception Detection Techniques

I was watching an interview of a suspect and all fingers of guilt were pointed in his direction. He locked down his body language. He clasped his hands together in the lap and froze his feet as if he were … Continue reading

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Exposing the Narcissist HR Job Applicant

Beware of the initial charm and exterior wrapping of a narcissistic employment candidate. If you were selecting the grab bag from under the tree, a narcissist would be the present wrapped in the prettiest wrapping paper and the biggest bow. … Continue reading

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HR Interviews are like the Gumbo of a Cop Interview

http://www.public-domain-image.com/public-domain-images-pictures-free-stock-photos/food-and-drink-public-domain-images-pictures/shrimp-gumbo.jpg Like a good gumbo, it is best to allow an opportunity for the ingredients to become familiar with each other and to blend. You add one ingredient at a time while cooking at a low to medium setting. Then turn up … Continue reading

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