Nikki Chambers has been dismissed from the popular clique in high school. As she becomes the target of an incessant bullying campaign, she finds hope and love with Rutland Jennings. Nikki and Rutland team together to seek justice and solve a murder that comes full circle and results in unforeseen circumstances.

Karma! is targeted to the Young Adult market and I would rate it PG. No language, no inappropriate behavior. Other than a little teenage back talking.


Unfortunately, the fictional account in this book rings true in many hallways across the country. Bullying has only recently come to the forefront of educational agendas. Ignored and minimized by administrators for decades, many children are terrified to attend school on a daily basis. What should be a sanctuary has often become a prison for the victims.

To all the fabulous teachers, who are vigilant warriors against bullying, you have my gratitude. You have sounded the alarm at the risk of being singled out by students and administration. This noble profession earns a salary that is a disgrace to our country.

For my target audience, young adults and future leaders, stop and think what you are doing. Practice the “Golden Rule.” That is treat others the same way you would like to be treated. Stand in their flip-flops and think how you would feel. If you remain silent, you are facilitating the torment.

I am glad to see a paradigm shift in the response to bullying. Far too many tragedies occurred prior to the acceptance of change. According to Dr. William Pollack PhD and the author of Real Boys, everyday 160,000 students skip school to avoid being bullied. According to a study by the Center for Disease Control reported that 81% of all students reported being victims of bullying.

Perhaps bullying is the result of the embracing of the narcissistic tendencies in our culture that was so poignantly recorded by Dr. Jean Twenge PhD in her book, Generation Me. I discovered her book while researching the reasons
behind the school shootings and acceptance of violence by high school students.
Along the same lines, I would also encourage readers to examine the work of
Col. Dave Grossman the author of Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill as he examines the impact of media violence.

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