The Blue Monster

“I immensely enjoyed The Blue Monster. Mike Roche knows the world he writes about. His will be a strong new voice in crime fiction.” Michael Connelly, N.Y. Times bestselling author of the Lincoln Lawyer and Harry Bosch novels.

“The Blue Monster is a solid crime novel by newcomer Mike Roche. It’s filled with authentic dialogue and scenes that make the reader feel like they’re right there. Roche delivers the goods.”  Jim Swain, bestselling author of the Tony Valentine series.

For Detective Kate Alexander, the call to the kidnapping scene of a teenage girl rips at her heart. After the conclusion of the case, the judge that set the kidnapper free is now the hunted. A seemingly isolated double homicide at a cheap motel leads Kate Alexander to focus on a psychotic and deranged individual. The suspect in
a cat and mouse game, eludes capture as he seeks revenge against the judge. Kate places her own life in peril as she tracks the cunning criminal in a race against time. Enjoy a heart pumping emotional thrill ride as evil attempts to evade justice.

I have been asked why I chose a female detective as the lead. Why not!

Back in my early days when I was street cop, street crimes or a detective, I worked with a number of female partners. This was in the 1980′s and they had an uphill climb. Some were runway quality and great partners.I have to say, I had more problems with male partners than females. The machismo and testosterone sometimes was adding gas to the fire. Females were more attentive to details and had a more calming presence. Less fights and better results.

I never really thought about the fact that there are only 12% females in the cop world. Small departments have a lower percentage and larger departments have higher percentage, but it all adds up to a dismal minority. Essentially one female surrounded by 9 males. Yet many stand strong in a noble profession dominated by their male counterparts. They are certainly some of the best investigators I have had the privilege to work alongside. I would also add that some of the best bosses I had over three decades were females. For some, I would walk through a ring of fire.

I also wanted to display a strong independent female lead for the females that I share a roof with. They are my inspiration.


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