Don’t you want to become your conversational partner’s next best friend? Despite the deterioration of socialization in the community and the exponential acceleration of social media resulting in social isolation, humans still desire human interaction. We crave warm conversations, deeper connections and stable friendships.  Employment, dating, business deals, and social gatherings depend upon Face 2 Face connections. Networking accounts for seventy percent of filling job vacancies, as well as the majority of business deals.

Happiness is at the core of why we crave human interaction. We want a sense of belonging.  Don’t you want to capitalize on every opportunity you have to meet someone Face 2 Face, so that you can make a difference in their life as well as yours? We want relationships based upon trust and make the most of the first impressions, while striving for commonality with our conversational partners. With the increases in narcissism, we must maneuver through the minefield of I-Bombs and achieve successful human interaction. Face 2 Face is a comprehensive guide to an integrative approach of interpersonal rapport building.

Available exclusively through Amazon and Kindle. http://www.amazon.com/Face-Observation-Interviewing-Building-Ex-Secret/dp/0983573042/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1354647799&sr=1-1&keywords=face+2+face+mike+roche

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  1. Ryan Mann says:

    Face2Face is an outstanding book by Mike Roche, a retired Secret Service agent. Mike lays the groundwork for improving interpersonal communication and his book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in deception detection and body language interpretation. Face2Face made the top ten “must read books” on my blog (ryanemann.wordpress.com) and is just that- Must read!

    I highly recommend Face2Face to anyone wishing to become a more skilled communicator. Excellent!

    • mike says:

      Ryan, I am humbled by your praise. With your experience as a law enforcement officer and a private investigator, I am excited that you found value in Face 2 Face. Communications is essential to deepening the human experience. Cheers, Mike

  2. Andrea says:

    I want to thank you for your wonderful book, Face 2 Face! I’ve just finished it, and will re-read to see what I missed, but one thing I think is critically important, and mostly missing from other texts, is that it’s not a way to manipulate others for your own ends, it’s a genuine building of relationships because you never know where they will lead or how long they will last. Some people just want a shortcut to manipulate others, but for those actually seeking to improve relationships, your book is gold. I wish I’d had this information 30 years ago…what a difference it could have made!

    You’re also a good story teller…it spices up already interesting material.
    Thank you!!

    • mike says:

      Andrea, I am so humbled by your praise. You are so right concerning the intent of Face 2 Face. It all about helping people connecting and deepening relationships. You always risk telling stories that could be perceived as “look at me.” I am glad you enjoyed the stories and the book. I would appreciate any reviews that you post on Amazon. Cheers, Mike

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