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Rapport and the Need of Acceptance

FBI Special Agent George Piro interview of Iraq President Saddam Hussein was like many prisoners who had little incentive to cooperate. Over time, Piro developed rapport with the former dictator and war criminal. The FBI agent exploited Hussein’s exalted status … Continue reading

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Job Interviewing Skills and Challenges

A recent Wall Street Journal article, lamented at the lack of qualified applicants for job openings. More than 600,000 jobs openings in the manufacturing segment remained vacant in 2011, due to substandard skills. We are not talking about science, technology, … Continue reading

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Caregivers and Doctor Rapport

I am again in the position of being a caregiver to a loved one. My wife is on the receiving end of my love and loyalty. We are through the worst and have blue skies in front of us. We … Continue reading

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St. Patrick and the Irish Contribution

Many of the forty million Americans who trace their roots to Ireland, fail to recognize the impact of St. Patrick’s Day. The celebration of the patron saint of Ireland has become synonymous with just another excuse to engage in the excess … Continue reading

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Adoptions and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving always gives me pause to consider my standing in life. I have been blessed to have an immediate family that has provided constant love, support to each other and has embraced charity in life. On Thanksgiving, we enjoy watching … Continue reading

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Side effects of cialis

Last October 2010, during Breast Cancer Awareness month, my wife decided  to move up her scheduled mammogram. A spot was noticed during the examination. The seriousness of the finding was minimized as being “probably nothing.” We were devastated by the … Side effects of cialis

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Female viagra

I was in high school when I watched the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center, open to the public. I like many others, admired the strength and dominance of the structures. They were the skyline of an eclectic city. … Female viagra

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Twitter Friends and Community

I will admit that up until a year ago, I blew raspberries at the Twitter community. Why would I want to share my inner most secrets and why would I care about irrelevant events in the life of strangers. How … Continue reading

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Tim Tebow and Car Wrecks

While weaving through traffic on I-75 like a NASCAR driver, I looked ahead to see brake lights glowing red. I throttled down and eased into gridlock. Miles later, I crept past the carnage. Anticipating a horrific sight, I slowed and … Continue reading

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Rx generic zithromax

School is on the precipice of resuming and another summer vacation season is closing. The bells ringing, will announce the start of a new school year, sad parents will wave goodbye to their children and chaos will resume in the hallways. Teachers … Rx generic zithromax

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